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about tread

about tread


Most of us love our Region’s outstanding systems. These trails provide exercise, escape, and enjoyment. We understand that it’s vital to take care of the system that has quickly become one of the most recognized assets of our community. And visitors are discovering and enjoying our trails, too.

TREAD is leading a project called TREAD Map. This comprehensive trail mapping app allows locals and visitors to plan the next outing, share experiences and conditions out on the trails or water, create connections with other trail enthusiasts and provide all the various land managers with a portal to create two-way communication with user groups and individuals.

Is the parking lot crowded? Is there a tree down on the trail? Wondering what the current, real-time conditions are like? Concerned about avalanche danger? Interested in discovering where that fork in the trail leads? TREAD Map provides dozens of data overlay options that allow users and land managers to customize information.

This tool has been developed to provide real-time conditions and closures, weather, events, volunteer coordination and much more to those who want or need to know.


Over the years, there have been a lot of amazing efforts made to provide Outdoor Recreation (OR) opportunities for our community; Mission Ridge, the Foothills Trail System, The Riverfront Trail, No. 2 Canyon, Ski Hill, and Echo Ridge, Squilchuck State Park just to name a few.

Through public processes such as Our Valley Our Future and the Outdoor Recreation Study it is abundantly clear that OR continues to be extremely important to our community, but we lack coordination. In fact, establishing an organization to bring together all the various efforts was one of eight “Game Changers” identified in the Our Valley Our Future Plan.

This is where TREAD comes in. TREAD stands for Trails Recreation Education Advocacy and Development. Our goal is to bring all the various stakeholders together (motorized, non-motorized, water, snow and land) so we can move forward in a coordinated fashion to thoughtfully and sustainably provide the best OR experiences we can, improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits the region.

TREAD was started in the summer of 2017 with the help of the TREAD Chamber of Commerce.

As a 501c3 organization, TREAD’s goals include:

  1. 1 Create and OR asset inventory
  2. 2 Develop and implement a signage plan
  3. 3 Convene an “OR Roundtable” of all stakeholders so we can develop a regional comprehensive recreation plan


With a focus on place value and inclusiveness, TREAD's mission is to:

  • Advocate for recreation in Central WA through education & communication, facilitation and collaboration, and planning and execution.
  • To leverage recreation to improve quality of life and health in the region.
  • To develop recreation-based economies as part of a strong and diverse economic mix that supports this region.

Geographical Area

Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Cashmere, Leavenworth, Chelan and Quincy. Shall be the loose boundary. We will extend our support to other similar efforts in farther away areas as our organization grows.

How we TREAD

So far TREAD has worked to accomplish the following:

  • Worked with regional outdoor recreation stakeholders to develop an economic impact study to gauge the contribution of outdoor recreation to the NCW economy. The full report can be found here .
  • Donated $8,600 to Evergreen MTB Alliance for more trails, signage, and a kiosk at Squilchuck State Park
  • Worked with WVC Outdoor Recreation students to conduct a survey of Sage Hills usage
  • Completing a regional asset inventory
  • Convened Ex-Officio meetings with about 40 different Outdoor Rec organizations ,landmangers, and municipalities every quarter. Welcoming Lead organization for the WA State Trail Coalition Conference 2018
  • Welcoming Lead organization for the WA State Trail Coalition Conference October 26-28th at the Wenatchee Convention Center
  • Continuing to build the organizational infrastructure and expand the Board to include representation from outdoor recreation groups
  • Organized many round table events of all user groups to assess user needs and priorities for our community
  • 3 members attended a Nonprofit Sustainability Workshop hosted by 501 Consultants and the Port of Chelan County
  • Developed a 3-5 year strategic plan to guide or work moving forward
  • Committees include: Governance, Finance, Advertising/Marketing, Education/Outreach, and Winter Recreation. Wanna join one of our fabulous committees? We need you too!

Shape, guide and develop the future of recreation in the Central Washington through Trails and Recreation Education, Advocacy and Development.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - A Commitment to Trails for All